Pamela “PamCakes”

Our Gypsy Chicks Founder:

18732_1220134186816_3596706_nDancing and singing with her hair brush in her hand at 7 years old, turned into disco moves in the 70′s. It wasn’t until 2001 that she would fall in love with belly dance. After dancing for 2 years she gathered several friends who shared the same love of this dance. What a blessing for her to have founded The Gypsy Chicks in 2003 on friendship! You can see this reflected in her dance as she resonates  joy and a whole lot of fun.

She has been taught from famous dancers such as Izzy, Amaya and Kathryn Ferguson. She continues her dance education by attending workshops around the state as well as from my gifted troupe members. Forever learning.

1383_686760724674767_2035329737_nThe creativity in her loves to try new adventures and stepping out of her box, thus creating a song recorded by a friend called the Gypsy Shimmy. It is The Hokey Pokey remake loved by many small fans. Looking for new adventures she has recreated Little Egypt, a historical dancer from the early 1900s. Also finding a Celtic connection as the bagpipes came from the Middle East. Fusion is her passion as well as hiking, camping, friends, family and a nice glass of wine.

Pamela holds certifications in Amaya’s Wise Woman Dance Instruction, Senior Fitness and CPR

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