Egle “Socks or Paisano”

432213_245369082222084_977919981_n copyEgle started dancing ballet when she was 5 years old in Italy. At 10 years of age she moved to Costa Rica where throughout the years she learned many types of dancing, Modern dance, Hip hop, Jazz, Salsa and all the tropical dances including Zumba!

In 1999 she moved to the US to study Theatre and, with her dancing knowledge, she was able to choreograph and participate in several musicals to a great success. It was in that same year that she  was introduced to Tribal Bellydance (Gwazee style). Wow! What an experience; she never saw that dance before! With what she  knew of dance and with the help of the beautiful Nadja from Cat’s Eye Dancers (RIP- Farmington, NM), I learned the art of storytelling with Bellydance and Loved it!!

Egle 2In 2005 she moved to the Northwest and found a Cabaret Fusion group. She learned their style and strong technique and realized she loves Cabaret! Within the year she started performing with the Student Troupe and then moved up to their Professional Company Group. There were countless performances. All along, she have been so lucky to continue to learn other styles of Bellydance and met great people along the way.

She became a Bellydance Instructor in 2011 and found a new love in dance “ BOLLYWOOD”, that full of fun attitude/ acting like dance just for her!

She joined the Gypsy Chicks in 2012 and cannot imagine dance without them! Friends, Sisters & Dancers

She always welcomes new styles and have learned that, with Bellydance, you never stop learning.

Some of her work: 

  • – Co- Producer of the “Shake, Shimmy and Roll” Bellydance show in Farmington NM ( 2003-2005)
  • – Choreographer of “Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect UP” – Farmington NM
  • – Co-choreographer and dancer  for “Mame” – Farmington NM
  • – 2007 winner of alternative bellydance group in Everett, WA with her former dance group


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