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Seniors!!! Pamela’s favorite people besides kids!

This Senior Happy Hour at a Senior Center in Flagstaff, was a success when Pamela from the Gypsy Chicks showed up to get them moving. First she started with some Senior exercises to get them going, as she is certified and taught fitness for seniors as well. Then she performed for them and had great reaction. This made her day, it was giving back to the community, and put a smile in all of them.

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A delightful private Lebanese Mezza Dinner Party!! So much fun, everyone started to get up and dance. What a wonderful experience and just could not get enough of the joyfull family.

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Christmas Shows

Christmas Shows

We love Christmas, the colors, lights, fun, and spirit.
The Gypsy Chicks had a great year and closed 2013 with a great Christmas Performance at a private party! We wish to do more of these next year. Don’t wait. Book the Chicks now so you have your spot secured!Continue Reading

Chicks Flick Part 2

Chicks Flick Part 2

And here it is , the Trailer of the movie “Crave” by Monaliza Viktoriya. The Gypsy Chicks were the entertainment for the “couple” scene in the Restaurant. We are the Ambiance. We are so happy to have been part of this new intriguing collaboration. We can’t wait to be featured in many more movies, local or not.Continue Reading


Creative belly dance by the Gypsy Chicks for the 2010 Izzy Fest, May 22, 2010 in Durango, Colorado

Music by Beats Antique.
Filmed by Charles Kiene
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Grand Canyon Renaissance Fair

Gypsy Chicks perform with Parasol at a special Fundraiser night for the Grand Canyon Renaissance Fair in 2012. A cute French interpretation by the Gypsy Chicks.

Music by Vincent Z, a local Gypsy Guitar musician.
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Pastiche Show “Double Veil”

This show was produced by Holly one of the members of the Gypsy Chicks of Flagstaff.
The Pastiche Show was produced in 2010 and here a double veil duet is featured.

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Banghra ” Muft- Muft”

The Gypsy Chicks of Flagstaff put their thinking cap together and added some Bollywood, Banghra and Belly Dance to this Devotional Indian Song ” Muft Muft”

Izzy Fest 2013 Durango, Co
Video by Krista Starr
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Amor de mis Amores

Performance at the Izzy Fest 2013 in Durango, Co

The Gypsy Chicks Flagstaff perform double fan veils to a soft Spanish tune ” Amor de mis Amores”.

Music by Vincent Z

Video by Krista Starr

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