How to Tip a Bellydancer

How to Tip a Bellydancer

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Tipping Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts

Tipping a Belly Dancer

To indicate that you want to tip her simply take out your money, make eye contact and as the dancer makes her way over to you she will present you with a place to tip her. Don’t feel obligated to tip her at all unless the moment strikes you. Tips are not expected but are greatly appreciated.

There are 3 Ways of tipping:

1)  Body tipping: The best places to tip her by this method is her shoulder straps and in the) side of her hip belt, or any of her Accessories. Never directly in the front or back of her bra or skirt! Some dancers may not feel comfortable to be tipped on their costumes so they will respectfully let you know by extending their hand.  The same goes for the audience, if an audience member wishes to tip the dancers but does not want to put the tip in on her costume, the dancer will graciously take the tip and do it themselves.

2) Money Shower: This is the traditional Middle Eastern way to tip a dancer: This involves holding a stack of bills in your palm and brushing them one by one in rapid succession off the stack and over the dancers head showering her in gratitude. This is very exciting as the dancer will play along and start spinning a lot.

3) Join her dancing: Another exciting way to tip is to get up and dance with her. Then tip her for the dance. She may even be a little playful and move her hips around in an effort to make it a little difficult and fun in tipping her.

Sometimes the dancer will have a basket and you can just tip directly into that. The basket could be something she is balancing or it may be placed next to the sound system or at the bottom corner of the stage.


Although this is rare, we want to explain a few ways on how NOT to tip the dancers.

  • Please do not tip a dancer while balancing a prop (unless it’s the tip basket)
  • Do not sneak up behind the dancer and try to place a bill on the back of the belt or bra.
  • Don’t tease the dancers, do not act like you are about to hand out a bill and then pull it away just to grab her attention.
  • Do not expect the dancer to grab a bill from the floor.

Tipping Tipping back

Respectful tipping is always appreciated. Oh and if some bills shimmy out onto the floor, don’t be alarmed or offended. She will have the Host of the event or another dancer collects it for her. After all, the show must go on!

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