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Here are some common questions about the Dancers performance.

How long is the show?
Typically 25-40 minutes, depending on the event. If there is someone special being honored, let us know and we will include that person in the show!

Is the show appropriate for children or gathering?
Absolutely! We love children and they love us. We will bring kids appropriate props and wear so they can play with us. Kids love to dance with us.

How far in advance should I book a bellydancer?
The sooner the better. We are flexible on days and time. Last minute shows could be arranged but you may not get all the dancers in the Troupe.

What kind of music is used?
We will use music to match your event, from Cowboy to Celtic, Bollywood, Persian etc..

Who provides the music?
We provide the music and the venue should provide the sound system. Please let us know whether you prefer the music on CD or iPod. If you do not have a sound system available, we can coordinate to bring our own sound system for an additional fee. Live Gypsy Guitarist can be arranged upon request.

Is tipping appropriate?
Absolutely. Unless the host has indicated otherwise, tips are appropriate and appreciated. You can tip the dancer on her belt or arm gauntlets. Click here to see Do’s and Don’ts on How to tip a bellydancer.

What kind of payment is accepted?
Payment is due immediately after the show or before in for the form of cash (preferred) or personal check payable to “The Gypsy Chicks”.

How many Chicks can I hire?
(Click here) to see our Fees for what best suits your event. There are 4 of us and we are all not always available.

How much space will be needed for the show or class?

The more space the better! Our Dancers often perform with large props such as Isis Wings, Veils, the Cane, etc. that require a space at least 20×20′. For classes, the number of participants will determine how much space will be needed. We will make the best of the space allotted, but the more space given, the more enjoyable the experience will be for all.

When will the Dancers arrive?

The Dancers will arrive within 30 minutes of the scheduled performance.

The Belly Dancer is a surprise! What should I do when she arrives?

During surprise events the client should arrange to be contacted via cell phone to meet the Dancer outside of the venue. It is recommended that the client have a room or restroom available for the Dancer to remain until the show or class begins. A prior meeting to see the dance space before the show is required. It is also important that you give the Dancer ample time to prepare for her entrance. Make sure guests are cleared out of the way and that the music can be heard loud and clear!

What is Audience Participation?

Audience Participation is the interactive section of the show where the Dancer will select individuals out of the audience, starting with the Guest or Guests of Honor (i.e., Bride and Groom, Birthday boy or girl) to dance with her, and then everyone else will be encouraged to join in the fun! This usually takes place at the end of the performance and is often the highlight of the show. Participants will dance, laugh and experience the excitement of dancing with a Professional Belly Dancer. All interaction is festive and family-oriented.

Can I take video./photograph of the Dancers?

Yes! We love photo opps!! BUT we ask to please keep us in the loop, share your photos with us.

How can we encourage or support the Dancer during the show?

Traditionally, clapping and the  Zaghareet (a fast high pitched lalalalalala) are used to add excitement and energy to the show. The louder you are the better your dancers will perform! The Dancer will often communicate with the audience when she would like to hear clapping. Lewd comments or degrading remarks should not be tolerated by the client. Inappropriate body language should also be discouraged as our Performers are professionals.

If you have other questions please send us your comments below

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